St. Paul North

Area Structure Plan

Addressing the long term-planning and development of 588.4 hectares of land.

Project Area

The Town of St. Paul (Town) and County of St. Paul (County) are currently looking to address the long-term planning and development of 588.4 hectares of land located adjacent to the northern end of the Town. This area includes both lands within the boundary of the Town and lands within the boundary of the County.

To address this planning and development, the Town and County are commissioning the preparation of an intermunicipal Area Structure Plan (ASP). Figure 1, Map of ASP Area outlines the area that will be included in the preparation of the upcoming ASP.

Figure 1, Map of ASP Area

What is an ASP?

Area Structure Plans (ASP’s) are long-range planning documents, which means they provide a long-term vision for the future state of an area and outline the different steps that will need to be taken to make that vision a reality. ASP’s also provide details regarding the different land uses, densities, utilities and infrastructure, and high-level design principles.

For new development to be undertaken, the ASP must first receive planning approval from the Town and/or County, then proceed through the rezoning, subdivision and development permit approval process. The creation and approval of an ASP is one of the first steps in obtaining this planning approval.

Figure 2, Project Timeline

Project Timeline and Engagement Opportunities

As the ASP is developed over the next several months, there will be many different engagement opportunities for landowners, stakeholders and members of the community to get involved and provide feedback. The graphic to the left outlines the anticipated timeline for these activities.

How to Get Involved

Community Survey – We invite all members of the community to fill out this community survey so that we can gather feedback as we develop the ASP. The survey will be open from December 6 – December 20, 2021, please click here to complete the online survey and share your thoughts.


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